About Us

It all started as a hobby, then it became a passion.  

SoapByNadia strives to bring you a high quality, tasteful product. That’s why each soap is individually handcrafted, decorated and packaged with love. We have made thousands of special, custom soaps, and we can’t wait to make yours!

Anyone can make a simple bar of soap. However, when you are at your sink, holding your own special, colorful piece of wonder in your hands, you can feel something greater than just soap and water washing over you. And that feeling is infused into every single soap we create.

We believe that there is a certain elegance and classiness in having just the right kind of soap for your powder room or guest bathroom. That is why we take our time when we create them, so that every client who receives the soaps is delighted. Trust that we make every single bar with the utmost love and care.

So if you’re looking for creative, luxurious party favors, or unique handmade gifts for that certain someone with the classy taste, look no further than SoapByNadia. It is always a delight to be a part of our customers’ gift giving process, bringing joy and pleasure. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

P.S. Have you washed your hands today yet? ;-)